What if there was a bigger picture out there in which you were not the main character? What if the things you’re experiencing in your life are not actually about you?

     It’s so easy, these days, to be so self-focused. You’re one of the only people you are interacting with lately even your virtual connections and relationships tend to happen on your own terms. And so, it feels like life now is all about you because it is happening on your terms, at your pace, and on your devices.

     In some ways, this feels fun, relaxing, and freeing. Who wouldn’t want people caring your personal preferences?

     Not having personal deadlines or relational obligations feels kind of nice, at first. But don’t buy the lie. Self-absorption does many things; creating peace and freedom are not some of those things.

     Here is a secret I have learned about being completely absorbed with your own self: it’s a gateway drug to depression, anxiety, addiction, or maybe worse… No, being self-absorbed doesn’t bring joy, happiness, freedom, peace, that feeling of being really alive, connection, true love, or any of the other things that your heart really craves.

     Ironically, the only way to experience those things it’s to live a life that is not about you.

     Yeah… You never receive the wonders and blessing of life when you are sitting on the throne of your life.

     Freedom comes when you stop believing the lie that you don’t have enough and you have to provide. Joy comes when you stop trying to get more things to prove to others how happy you are and you simply look around and realize how much you already have. Blessings come when you generously give your money, your attention, your time, and your abilities to others in need. Peace comes when you stop trying to control the situations in your life so that you will never get hurt, you stop believing the lies of worry or comparison, and you except that God already has really good plans for your life.

     Let me put another way: to live your life, you have to give it away.

     Oh wait…Jesus already said that.