You know what makes me roll my eyes every single time? Hearing someone wonder *out loud* why I struggle to feel confident. They usually qualify it by saying that I seem so confident all the time, and that I’m super valuable to whatever it is I’m worrying about.


Why does it make me roll my eyes? Because it is so lacking in substance that I see right through it.


What I actually hear is “I really want to make you feel good, though I have nothing true to say that really differs with your insecure conclusion.” It’s not that I want someone to come up with a mind-blowing revelation about the hidden treasure of my true greatness that are simply hiding behind my insecurities; what I want is hope. And hope doesn’t come from simply telling me I’m all that. Because I know I’m not.


I am not unaware of my humanity; I know I make mistake, at times disappoint people, or even frustrate those who rely on me. I know I’m not perfect.


So don’t lie to me about something I’m painfully aware of. Give me hope. Give me the Gospel. This is the narrative I really need to hear.


What I contribute to my own existence is simply a need to be saved from myself. But the glory and wonder and hope I cling to is that there is a God who is infinitely offended by my sinfulness, and in his enduring love for me, he placed all of my deserved punishment upon Jesus, and clothed me in his righteousness. And in this liberated position, I am now the heir of all the blessings and grace of God.


  • I have been adopted into his family.
  • I have been granted an eternal hope.
  • I have been indwelt by his Spirit.
  • I have been forgiven for literally everything sinful thing inside me that is offensive to the pure holiness of God.
  • I have been given a divine purpose.
  • I have been supernaturally equipped for my calling.


And I have been joy in the place of depression, hope in the place of despair, righteousness in the place of absolute depravity, light in the place of darkness, connection in the place of addiction, love in the place of rejection, compassion in the place of indifference, and freedom in the place of bondage!


So stop giving me cheap words that you hope will encourage me. Those kinds of words bring hope to no one.


Point me to Jesus, the living hope, and give me the Gospel…again and again and again.

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