The other day, my daughter came up to me with two Bibles and said, “Daddy, read Bible?” And my heart just exploded!


So we sat down – right then and there – to read the Psalms together. We took turns: she would “read” something…upside down…and then I would read something. And then a couple days later, as I’ve been trucking away at reading through the Bible, I finished up reading through the Old Testament.


Here’s the truth that I see in the space between those two events: in your relationship with Jesus, you can’t overlook the importance of both the spontaneous and the structured. You have the freedom to connect with Jesus at any point in the day – and you need to be ready to do so – but you also need to make time to connect with Jesus (because more than not, you won’t be able to “find the time”). You need both.


  1. Always have a soft heart, in a moment’s notice, to reach out and connect with Jesus. Don’t be so focused, selfish, or distracted that you overlook the little moments Jesus wants to connect with you.
  2. Don’t be so in-the-moment that you forget to plan regular meetings with Jesus. If you don’t put it in your calendar or schedule, chances are it won’t make it into your days on a regular basis.


You need both. You need the spontaneous and the structure.


Move in the Spirit.

And also…make a plan.