The other day, as I was driving home, our Jeep almost died. And to make a long story short, I found out that our battery had died. So I began to pray earnestly that God would provide for us because we had just finished paying for an expensive heater core replacement the previous week.

And that wasn’t the only thing… After I replaced the battery, I also discovered that our alternator had failed. So our new battery couldn’t hold a charge longer than a day. On top of my prayers for even more provision that God would provide for us to be able to pay for this battery and alternator, I began an earnest prayer that God would simply allow our Jeep to hold a charge long enough for me to drive to Auto Zone so I could purchase a new alternator…and learn how to find it and replace it.

In all my prayers for provision, I did not expect the ways in which God was about to provide for us.

As I was driving to Auto Zone, our Jeep broke down on the side of the road. And as I was walking to the next house to ask for assistance with jumping my battery, a guy stopped and asked if he could help. He then gave me a jump, and offered to follow me to the store in case I broke down again…which I eventually did.

This time when I broke down, he helped me uninstall the alternator. And then he even drove me to Auto Zone!

I was beginning to find gratitude in my heart for what God was already doing for me. But what happened next really surprised me.

As we were waiting in the store, our small talk revealed that not only was he a timely blessing from God, but he was also the father of one of my students and had recently started coming to our church. Further, to top it off, he helped me replace my alternator…all because he felt God nudge him to stop for a random guy who broke down on the side of the road.

That night, as I was reflecting on the events of the recent week, God helped me to see his provisions. I had been asking God to provide us with over $1000 worth of auto repairs that I knew almost nothing about, but instead, he provided us with over $600+ worth of savings, helpful vehicle know-how, and a really special ministry relationship that was started in such a way that it was as if God was leaving his signature just for me know he was there for me the whole time.

But the crazy thing was that during all of this, I thought we were going to lose all of our money and our vehicle. I thought we were about to go broke with a broken vehicle. My fear began to speak to me in so many vicious ways. But, despite what my fears were telling me, God provided in awesome ways – ways I hadn’t even thought to ask about. And when I had the eyes to see God’s provision, the situation seemed so good all of a sudden!

See, we were not born with a fear of the world or a fear of others. We were not given fear as our birthday gift for entering planet earth. We don’t enter this world fearing the things that we now fear.

But for many of us, fear is a crippling thing. We fear rejection, we fear loss, we fear pain, we fear disillusionment, and sometimes we even fear love because it is been twisted or abused in our lives. And it holds us back from experiencing so much of the goodness in life.

Fear takes the deepest pain that we felt and projects it onto our future, and it projects it onto our relationships. It tells us that God is out to get us and so is the rest of the world. It keeps us living small and hiding from opportunities. Fear maximizes the terror of the unknown.

But what if the unknown wasn’t so terrible? What if fear isn’t giving you the whole picture?

Ever since you entered this world, you have been laden with destiny and empowered with the creativity to turn opportunities into greatness. You were born to experience beauty and wonder. You were born to make a difference, to make good things out of bad situations. You were born to be an entirely whole human full of love, creativity, and power.

For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.” – ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬

So, I respond to every situation in my life with these two eternally true statements:

God is good. Fear is a liar.