Those who give you “3 steps” or “5 easy ways” or “the ONE thing you need to do” to achieve a better life in some capacity are usually being far too simplistic. If life could be figured out in a few easy steps, why haven’t we yet?

Often, in the church, we fall prey to similar thinking. Certainly there is a practical level of living out the Christian life. There are many good and tangible things to do.

But living for someone else to be God (Jesus), constantly battling against the sin inside of us, standing guard against evil in the spiritual realm, and all of the ways that the Christian life is unnatural to us cannot be figured out simply by “doing these 4 easy steps”.

Clickbait Christianity doesn’t last very long.

It is true and simple to say that the one thing you need in life is more of Jesus. It is true and simple to say that following closer to Jesus is the thing that every Christian needs to be better at. It is true and simple to point to Jesus as the solution to all of our problems.

To say Jesus is the answer is true and simple. But it is also all-consuming. Every single part of our lives needs to be consumed and refined by Jesus. Every ounce of energy needs to be spent pursuing Jesus. Every drop of creative thought we have needs to be invested in a closer walk with Jesus.

So let’s stop playing around being clickbait Christians; let’s be completely surrendered Christians.

Every area of life. Anything God asks. All of the steps.

And if that is to be true of my life, I will need more than just “a few easy steps”, I will need God himself inside of me, energizing every part of my life.

I don’t need “6 easy ways”; I need the Holy Spirit.

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