Walking With God

Walk through some of the basics of the Christian life, and be encouraged in a new lifestyle that facilitates a deeper communion with our awesome Creator.

It started with a snap…

Last year a student of mine sent me a Snapchat message saying how she would love it if I could write a devotional book because she was feeling like she needed to get back on track with God. That conversation inspired this devotional.

My hope and prayer for you, if you read through this book, is that you can begin to build habits into your faith that will put you on a path to walk with God. No one can walk with God in a hurry, but if you commit to this journey, there are more blessings in your future than you could possibly know.

Find chapters on…

Gospel motivation.

Purpose in life.

What it means to be part of God’s family.

How to function with other believers.

The glory of God displayed in us.

Hearing from God.

Communicating with God.

Spiritual gifts and calling.

Simple faith.

Discover your purpose and calling.

Join me on the journey of discovering purpose, calling, and more. You can pick up your copy of Walking With God in paperback or Kindle ebook.

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