Sometimes, I ask my friends, “What is the best thing that could happen today if God showed up and answers all our prayers?” The answers I receive vary. They range from things like, “I could finally get some rest,” to things like, “Everyone in my life would experience the glory of God through a personal encounter with Jesus.”
And while this exercise is simple, there is something transcendent that happens in these imaginative moments: we suddenly become more aware of the imminence of glory in our “normal” moments. And when we realize this, we lay hold of our hope and our wonder once more.
The converse is true, as well, however. We are overcome by worry when we lose sight of God’s eagerness to bless us and answer our prayers. Worry is essentially the practice of imagining a future without God in it.
I often find myself caught in the struggle between these two: worry and wonder. And the balance is tipped in the direction of my answer to this question: “Do I actually believe that God is here, and eagerly waiting to hear me and answer me?”
And when I come back to this question, I am reminded that prayer is less about overcoming God’s reluctance and more about laying hold of His willingness.
What about you? What are you praying for? Whatever it is, try assuming the heart posture that leans into His willingness rather than bracing yourself for His reluctance. And in so doing, you might just bump into Him as He is leaning in to meet you right there.