The other day, I was watching a cartoon with my daughter, Gracie. And somewhere in the middle of the movie, the two main characters started getting into an argument and eventually stop talking to each other.

So Gracie, a wonderful peacemaker (she gets that from her mom), looks up at me and asks, “What do they want?” And I responded by informing her that they probably wanted to love each other, and so they needed to say “I’m sorry,” and “I love you.” But apparently that wasn’t sufficient for her.

She snuggled in closer, leaned up to my ear, and whispered, “And eat some food…” 😂😂 Obviously, I got a kick out of it, but there was something in that moment that struck me as profound.

It reminded me of the struggle that the prophet Elijah had in 1 Kings 19. He had just proven how amazing God is even though hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other people were following false gods. It was an amazing victory!

And yet, he had some real scary and suicidal thoughts immediately afterward… This was one of the most godly men to ever live, but despite his breakthrough, he still had a breakdown.

And in that breakdown moment, all he could do was bring his authentic and honest self to God in prayer. It wasn’t a flashy prayer, it wasn’t a profound insight, and it wasn’t even a prayer I would recommend anyone praying. But he brought his raw and honest self to God…and then fell asleep.

Soon after, God woke him up gave him food to eat and gave him a mission again. Elijah left that place restored.

But what does this have to teach us?

The truth is: we are more than just human beings.

We are emotional beings; there is a complex web of emotions and hormones that influence how we perceive the world around us.

We are intellectual beings; the gray matter in between our ears is ever growing and adapting to help us understand and influence our world.

We are relational beings; we were made to connect with others in unconditional love, without which life often seems pointless.

We are physical beings, constantly in motion and moving things to build, reframe, and restore.

We are spiritual beings, people who will live forever even when our mortal bodies eventually give way to the grave. It could be argued that this is the realest part of who we are – the part of us that will still be here long after everything else is gone.

And the crazy thing is that God wants every single part of us to be healthy and in right relationship with him, with others, with the world around us, and even with ourselves.

He designed us to function best in health and at peace. And when we do, life becomes vibrant again!

So here are for tips that I‘d really like to encourage you in today:

  1. Seek God in authenticity and humble honesty.
  2. Take a nap.
  3. Have a snack (and maybe another nap).
  4. Get up and get on with it! ✌️